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Since 2011 Survey CAD Technician has established itself as a household name in the land surveying industry, our ability to work virtually with professionals across the country is what sets us apart from the rest. We minimize expenses and maximize productivity of our clients by using their field data to create high-quality AutoCAD drawings. As the result they can take on more customers and promise them a faster turnaround time.

When it comes to accurate AutoCAD drawings, you can’t afford to make a mistake or spend massive amounts of time on it. How do you find the balance? At Survey CAD Technician we take out the guesswork by using your field data to create high-quality PDF and DWG files. We save you time and money, allowing you to maximize your business and increase client satisfaction.

How can you benefit?

Think about your most recent client – picture in your mind how long it took for you to take field measurements and how much longer it was to produce your AutoCAD drawings. Did you have other clients that had to wait until this particular project was finished? Did it take longer than you thought it would?

When it comes to running a successful land surveying company, you have to navigate a fine balance of efficiency and quality, all the while trying to build your business. For most, they find they need a partner to turn to.

That’s where Survey CAD Technician comes in, with a team of experienced drafters at the ready to turn your data into a completed project.


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Why Survey Cad Technician?

Be it CAD drafting or GIS maps, we realize the importance of accuracy in them and take pride in providing the best accuracy standards in the industry. When it comes to being on point with accuracy, we literally don’t give away an inch!

Our pricing is very competitive and in sync with the prevalent rates in the global market. We even offer discounts to our customers from time to time to keep them coming back in the future. You can deal with us confidently as everything will be crystal clear and we never resort to any hidden charges.

We have talented ability groups working strenuously 24×7 hours to give tweaked designing and innovation arrangements. We are responsive to nil personal time and give momentary arrangements.

Expand your global presence with highly specialized units across the world. We build highly specialized teams based on your unique requirements, in an effort to deliver the right solutions that propel your business. Get access to some of the best talent in the industry, thanks to our expert vendors with proven track records.